It’s Already Too Late To Save Humanity… Our Mass Extinction is inescapable, Says Prominent Scientist… Population Out Of Control



By Mike Adams – Natural News

(NaturalNews) Professor Frank Fenner says humanity is finished. It’s already too late to save ourselves from the suicidal future we’ve created where the ecosystem can no longer support human life. “We’re going to become extinct,” the scientist says. “Whatever we do now is too late.” (SOURCE)

Frank Fenner, now 95 years old, is a fellow of the Australian Academy of Science and of the Royal Society. He’s published “hundreds of scientific papers and written or co-written 22 books,” says The Australian, which prints these words from an interview with Fenner:

We’ll undergo the same fate as the people on Easter Island… Climate change is just at the very beginning … The human species is likely to go the same way as many of the species that we’ve seen disappear. Homo sapiens will become extinct, perhaps within 100 years … It’s…

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Todays Latest Earthquakes Worldwide Monday, 15 June 2015


earthquake35Earthquake list: past 24 hours (only M>=2.5) (79 quakes)

Source: Volcano Discovery

Updated: Mon, 15 Jun 13:19 UTC (GMT)

Time Mag. / Depth Nearest volcano (distance) Location Map Source
Mon, 15 Jun (43 earthquakes)
Mon, 15 Jun 12:21 UTC M 3.8 / 66.9 km – [info] (757 km) New Zealand


Mon, 15 Jun 12:03 UTC M 3.5 / 92.4 km – [info] (311 km) 54 km al E de Monte Patria


GUG (U. Chile)
Mon, 15 Jun 11:25 UTC M 3.0 / 4 km – [info] (79 km) CENTRAL TURKEY


Mon, 15 Jun 11:21 UTC M 2.5 / 22 km – [info] (157 km) LIBERTADOR O’HIGGINS, CHILE


Mon, 15 Jun 10:50 UTC M 2.6 / 20.6 km…

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20 Edible Plants That Could Save Your Life


Foraging might be a method you have to use to find food. Edible plants are one way to eat.

By Pat Henry –  The Prepper Journal

Sometimes, you have to think outside of the freeze-dried food paradigm. You may find yourself in the woods forced to run from your home or camp because of marauders with nothing to eat. Fortunately, there are many edible plants that can save your life if you know what they are, how to identify them and are comfortable with preparing them.

I don’t personally think that I will love eating a bunch of weeds to survive, but I will if needed. In a long-term disaster, I would certainly consider them vital to preserving life and the right edible plants could augment your gardens and food stores. I wanted to write up this list of 20 edible plants that are found mostly in the temperate region. There are certainly others you could find growing near you, but this is a good start. If I…

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The facts about the drought that’s reshaping California.

Fabius Maximus website

Summary:  California’s drought might be to us what the dust bowl of the prairies was to the 1930s (irony: California was the big beneficiary of that drought). This post answers most of your questions about the drought, cutting through the media chaff of misinformation (but does not discuss its effects). This is an update of a November post. {1st of 2 posts today.}

“We don’t even plan for the past.”
— Steven Mosher (member of Berkeley Earth; bio here), a comment posted at Climate Etc.

Agriculture & related manufacturing use ~4/5’s of California’s water use, but just 2% of state GDP and 4% of all jobs. (Public Policy Institute of California).

California drought


  1. The California drought: it’s bad.
  2. Climate Science gives us worse news.
  3. About our water stocks.
  4. Causes of these droughts.
  5. California’s mad water use.
  6. Useful Sources of Information.
  7. For More Information.
  8. The

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