The President Must Veto Keystone XL Pipeline!

Lean Left

Last week the Senate passed the Keystone XL Pipeline after the House had already passed it.  Conservatives around the country are cheering this destructive piece of legislation.  Some have even gone so far as to say “we have finally broken away from the middle east oil tit.”  TransCanada spoke up and said that the pipeline will have 42,000 “enduring” jobs.  Of course that is a flat-out lie.

It is estimated that approximately 42,000 construction jobs will be used to build the pipeline.  I like the sound of that number.  However, those 42,000 construction jobs will be gone in less than two years after the start of construction.  After the pipeline has been built, it will keep a whopping 35 jobs.

Imagine that!  If the President came up with a plan that would create 35 long-lasting jobs, the conservatives would be having a fit.  But, since creating those 35 long-lasting jobs…

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